This collection of studies I have written aims to illustrate how the improviser can utilize  the content of the sixteenth note studies in the “Arban’s Conservatory Method for Trumpet & Cornet”.  The only pre-requisite of the student is that they have a general knowledge of their major & minor modes and corresponding chords.  

Although the the book was published before the American Civil War it still can continue to demonstrate it’s usefulness for the developing trumpeter if applied correctly. 

I have written out first the original study as it first existed in the original Arban’s book.  

I then employ the figure over a variety of common chord progressions found in Jazz & Contemporary pop music.  

Experienced jazz musicians will recognize that much of this melodic content has been part of the melodic vocabulary of Jazz trumpet players for some time.

This is the first of 12 Lessons.

Arban’s App. #1 – Trumpet in Bb


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